Monday, December 13, 2010


Jobortunity is the training institute that helps the youth get knowledge and employability skills in hotel and tourism industry.

The aim of jobortunity institute is

-the students to be quality in the job
-the student of jobortunity to be different with other workers in job.
-to be a good ambassador in jobortunity hi 5
Because of that we are greatfull to our director madam kim for her heart of volunteer to help the youth. Also our trainers for helping us in different ways in order to rich our goals.

By Neema Peter
Jane Justine


Jobortunity is located Moivaro village inside moivaro lodge. The school deals with hospitality so training youth to be hospitality it just trains youth to be hi5 which means to have a positive and professional attitude,goal and direction,stand out and be proud,be loyal and a team player and take little but smart steps, So the students will be able to stay at their work for long time without being chased because they will be already been learn about how to care their job and their all things are provided free without paying any thing food and breakfast also are given free. So if your under 22 and you want to hi5 most welcome

By Praylord Lazaro and
Annastasia Jacob


Jobortunity is a training institute which is training youth in order to get a job and to be in the hospitality industry.Jobortunity is located in moivaro village in the area of moivaro lodge.This college started in 2009 with 40 students and they already graduated in 2010.And now in jobortunity there is class two which was started on 25th August 2010 and they will graduate in 2011.Also they can training students about Hi5 behaviour and how to take little but smart steps in order to reach their goals.

By Neema Gervas and
Frida Filex.


Love and care groups are groups which have been responsible.
In jobortunity there are different groups of love and care which are pamoja, sobibor, waharaka and umoja.
The responsibility of love and care group is to help mama cook to arrange the plates and cups also they do cleanliness in banda,toilet,big room,class and all environment.Love and care groups operate for one week then they change places with the other groups.
The importance of love and care is to improve team work .

Happyness Aminiel
Nipael Aminiel


Buddy is the person who loves and care for you.The responsibility of buddy is to help his/her friend in different problems,someone who trust you to give you advice, to love and care you.The buddy is a pair of two people in jobortunity class two of forty student,everyone at jobortunity has a buddy.sometimes we are using buddy system to do different exercise which we are giving with our trainer.

By Upendo Prosper

Editha Kinyaiya

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We have a Jobortunity Hi5 CD

One of the learning methods we use to train students in team work and planning is 'group- projects'. In groups of 5-10 students worked on developing dance shows; songs and music; acrobats moves; sports; arts and weblog. See the blog below to read about the experiences of the weblog-group! The music group received help from the leader singer and guitarist of a local reggae band called the 'Warriors from the East'. The leader singer was so impressed with the songs the students composed he suggested that they record a CD. The whole band offered their help and recording studio and now we have a Hi5 CD! It was a wonderful experience where the students had to deal with working long hours; persistence; feedback and true team work! If you are interested to hear the 5 songs composed and sang by the students send us and email ( and we will send a CD to you for only €5. With this contribution you enable Jobortunity to pay for the expenses and give a free CD to the students. And ofcourse you get into the Hi5 vibe totally!

Hi5! By Kim Groeneweg

Friday, April 23, 2010

Queen's Day Celebrations 30 April 2010

On the 30th April the Van Asch van Wijck Plein in Utrecht will be transformed into a little piece of Africa as part of the Queen's Day celebrations.

We'd really love you to come along and take part in all the Jobortunity activities which will be taking place:
- African music with a live band
- Masai face painting for children
- Tanzanian bags, jewelry, aprons, etc. you can buy to look african
- Many fun games and activities

It will also give you a chance to buy the CD which has been written and recorded exclusively by the students of Jobortunity. And if that wasn't enough, you will also be able to talk to the students via Skype, giving you a chance to see meet the students and find out what's happening in Tanzania right now!

Click on the following link for more information, and directions -

KARIBU SANA! You are very welcome!

The Jobortunity team & students